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Random Shit. Don't Even Bother.

I don't understand how ANYONE can like this bitch. Apparently everyone totally just sucks the teets of a self absorbed bitch whose life consists of fucking, drinking until she vomits in her greasy hair and thinking she's above everyone because she studies the goddamn dictionary so everyone will think she's smart by the big fancy words she uses.

Fact that feeble minds feed into trival shit pisses me off so bad. This shit isn't worth everything and yet we act like it is. The same situations are going to happen to us over and over..different lovers, friends, jobs, locations...etc. But we never remember our mistakes therefore we don't LEARN. We are doomed to repeat ourselves until we die.

I'm so hating everyone right now. It's not a great feeling..but I don't really feel all that bad about it as no one feels bad about their actions.
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