Alyssa Mitchell (pornirificgirl) wrote in bitch_brigade,
Alyssa Mitchell

..And spaceboy they'll kill me, before I'm dead and gone.

Well Shane & I are over.

I'm sad.
Really sad.

And I know one of his friends will read this (because apparently they read my livejournal too)
And he'll get a full detailed report of how much misery I'm in.

I love him
a lot
I truly do..

But I don't think that ethier of us was ready to jump into being that serious so quick.

I need someone to be really sensitive with me.

I'm also not a slut because of what happened Saturday. I didn't really DO anything.
And Shane knows I have no plans to be with this guy.

If his friend is reading this now, just make sure to tell him that I do love him, and that I'd love to be able to still be friends. And if in a while we wanted to get back together that would be really great.

But untill everythings figured out I'll possibly be in full on bitch mode. I can't cry at school but I can scream.

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