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Fuk off 
07:23pm 12/05/2007
  Hum, retardation. Isn't it just a fucking bitch.....  
Random Shit. Don't Even Bother. 
07:01pm 28/07/2006
mood: annoyed
I don't understand how ANYONE can like this bitch. Apparently everyone totally just sucks the teets of a self absorbed bitch whose life consists of fucking, drinking until she vomits in her greasy hair and thinking she's above everyone because she studies the goddamn dictionary so everyone will think she's smart by the big fancy words she uses.

Fact that feeble minds feed into trival shit pisses me off so bad. This shit isn't worth everything and yet we act like it is. The same situations are going to happen to us over and over..different lovers, friends, jobs, locations...etc. But we never remember our mistakes therefore we don't LEARN. We are doomed to repeat ourselves until we die.

I'm so hating everyone right now. It's not a great feeling..but I don't really feel all that bad about it as no one feels bad about their actions.
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07:30pm 01/04/2006
  Don't you just hate it when someone elses dealer comes over to your house then for no reason starts to rap for ten minutes? I do.  
bite my lip and close my eyes 
02:38pm 18/03/2006
mood: bitchy
i hate high school bullshit..and find it amazing that I'm smarter then these people & realize that nothing except grades REALLY matter as after school you'll never see half these people ever again.

people are so goddamn ridiculious.

only upside to school right now..doing make up on boys for spring musical, me-ow
fuck you. 
06:47pm 14/02/2006
  Fuck 2006

Fuck Valentines Day

Fuck Lying Asshole Cunts.

That's all.
05:44pm 12/02/2006
  fuck high school.  
Amazon is a fucking rip off!!! 
10:25pm 10/02/2006
  What is the point in redeeming vouchers at this site if whenever you do they charge your card and say they didn't recieve them when the balance was fucking obvious....... NOT FUCKING HAPPY  
09:17pm 26/12/2005
  Someone should make me an icon of Christopher Walken dancing..as that would make my LIFE!  
04:37pm 29/11/2005
  i attempted to make this look fucking rad but i fucked it up.

mother fucker
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01:16am 28/11/2005
mood: loser
I long for some sort of understanding........oh melancholy, moroseness...i am so misunderstood...hehe guuuuuuuuddddd.......:)


Fuck you Wayne you sad little boy
..and I know the darkest secrets of your heart. 
11:02am 27/11/2005
mood: heart-broken
You don't want me.
So I'll leave you alone.

We won't get back together I'm aware.
I love you.
So So much.
and I'm sorry.

<3 <3
freaking jesus 
07:41pm 16/11/2005
mood: pissed off
Seriously, I hate having crushes on people because then I act like a complete psychopath.

Relationships are fucking evil

I'd rather shot myself in the fucking head then ever carry on with anyone ever again.
But I get enraptured too quickly and relationships are inevetable.

moments like this make me miss you even more.
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06:02pm 09/11/2005
  School is doing Macbeth as a modern play. And I'm reading it in English.

Lady Macbeth is my HERO

damn ruthless bitch.
10:33am 09/11/2005
mood: bitchy
I think I may be PMS'ing. Or there's a full moon or something. Everyone is on my nerves today and I mean EVERYONE. Usually I get kinda annoyed at people but this is BAD.
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06:29pm 04/11/2005
  If we are supposed to be able to use mixed media in my art class then WHY THE FUCK WON'T THEY LET ME USE MIXED MEDIA? The pencil is my enemy today, i was so bored.  
Back to the Basics. 
04:28pm 03/11/2005
  I'm thinking of making a bitch point system

and possibly a badge.

Lets all touch ourselves.

I mean GET IN touch with ourselves.

I'm so tired of being looked at as a whore because I'm a sexual person.


I'm tired of being 'weird' because I enjoy a good girl on girl action.

Feminism isn't dead it's just apparently gone into hibernation.


Men have been keeping women down for awhile.

Allow me to strap you with a ball gag you cocksucker.

that probubally made no sense.

oh & if Shane's friends could stop reading my posts that'd be GREAT

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..And spaceboy they'll kill me, before I'm dead and gone. 
05:52am 01/11/2005
  Well Shane & I are over.

I'm sad.
Really sad.

And I know one of his friends will read this (because apparently they read my livejournal too)
And he'll get a full detailed report of how much misery I'm in.

I love him
a lot
I truly do..

But I don't think that ethier of us was ready to jump into being that serious so quick.

I need someone to be really sensitive with me.

I'm also not a slut because of what happened Saturday. I didn't really DO anything.
And Shane knows I have no plans to be with this guy.

If his friend is reading this now, just make sure to tell him that I do love him, and that I'd love to be able to still be friends. And if in a while we wanted to get back together that would be really great.

But untill everythings figured out I'll possibly be in full on bitch mode. I can't cry at school but I can scream.

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08:59pm 13/10/2005
mood: predatory
I curse (in theory) the security guard who followed my girlfriend and I everywhere we went (and obviously), just because he obviously hasn't the brain cell to see a shoplifter when he sees one. He then got the other security guard along with himself to barely search us before leaving then proceeded to grin and smirk standing outside as we waited for our friend in the car writing notes in his little book......

You stupid.....stupid wanking arsehole....get a job that fits you...maybe even shoveling shit would be too much on your little twisted fucking brain. Go screw yourself with a bus you weak prejudiced bastard.
when it's time to party we will party hard... 
08:32pm 19/09/2005
mood: crappy
lets just say that from now on I'm going to take longer then 2 minutes to think about things before I post.

goddamn irrational bitch that I am.

That's all.
I got accepted! 
10:36am 19/09/2005
mood: bitchy
Yay I'm part of the Bitch Brigade. Rock on fellow bitches!!